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18048: Lyall: bbc reports on sundays demonstrations (fwd)

From: j.daudi lyall <postmaster@lyalls.net>

I listen to the BBC world service on short wave each morning. This
morning, 19 Janvier, they had a fairly long report on hayti during
the caribbean report. The caribbean report is each morning at 12:10
GMT, 7:10 eastern standard time.

Sundays demonstrations after church were fairly large. We listened to
the local radio in the afternoon. The BBC reporter asked one person
described as a student about elections. He said that lavalas couldn't
be trusted to run elections, that the year 2000 elections were stolen
by Lavalas and that "Aristide isn't the president of haitians, he is
the president for the international community".
J.David Lyall, or
     Jedidiah Daudi