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18045: Du Tuyau: Re; I bye-bye (fwd)

From: ViandeMoulue@aol.com

Hi-hello all ladies Mister Corbett extra-Ordinary list Haiti,

I sorry. I no write for serioussness-good after this letter emailing. In my supposed last post, I writing that I lost my job. Many ladies-nice-people Corbett list replication with reply that for me, they sorry. Okay, ... I sorry.

I no lose my real job in the other kitchen. I lose my salad-making-preparation job because the cooks in the kitchen thinking, my salad too acidic. But other in the wise of otherwise, everything okay for me in the goodness of the God in the hearts of working for other people. They all think I moun fou and enjoying the "moun-fou-ness" of my head twisted in the upside-down but always looking little down more for good food. Hummm Yummie.... Anyway,

I bye-bye for good on list, I hope. My moun fou head sometimes is so moun fou, I may try some time to cook more bad food in the kitchen of Mister Corbett. In the meanwhile of all the meantimes, I must say, I sitting in my UFO every day now, smiling with smiles of sad sadness for 184 groups because every day, I see that they are providing nice electoral footage for Lavalas during manifestation-demonstrations. I thought I was dumb and stupid and really nèg sót; but every day, I realize somebody more sót with dumbness than me, breaking livelihood of Ti Machann - poor merchants by breaking their bak - portable displayer of goods.

In the very uniquely nice meanwhile for Lavalas, gouvernement is taping with nice camera (Smile, you're on candy camera) their very sollicited "misdeeds" as nice reklam-footage for electoral time.

Oh God, ... That why is why I love French people literature. After all, Jean de La Fontaine was right: Le plus âne des trois n'est pas celui qu'on pense -- the dumber of those three is not the one they think because they think it's Lavalas but maybe they are the dumber of the three.

Okay, ... Bye-bye. I now go watch nice movie American that I like. Movie has nice name it is called, Dumb and Dumber. What a nice title! Oh by the way ... Let me now go read the news from Radio Metropole. Oh nice station ... I sure Lavalas like that station; they do good job for prezidan d'Ayiti and all Lavalas people. Got caught yesterday at their own game by the school of my sister with nice girls there when I grow up ti kat-kat in country moun fou, St-François D'Assises...

Oh God they're smart people from Radio Metropole. Maybe in the perhaps, one more nice payment will come from "France La Métropole mère", to help for more better news.  Moun fou oh oh oh oh!!!!!!

Bye-bye all my fellows. I fly in my UFO now with VS girlfgriend. Hey guys, no thinking imaginary for you!!! All just for me and her-girl-friend in VS. Oh that sighing sight:) Lovely. Nice, nice, nice ... I love it. I wuv it.


Du Tuyau say bye-bye