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18047: Lauredansr: Re: 18038: Raber: Re: 18013: Lauredansr:

From: Lauredansr@aol.com

I am not a politician.  I do not even know how to spell politiccs.  I am a
I disagree with the lack of progress, the accusations of wrongdoings, and
particularly the continued state of underdevelopment of Haiti for 200
We in the diapora have a role to call for action and stop talking.

Somebody proposed an International Development Initiative under the UN or
Bank Supervision to avoid the alledged mismanagent. Perhaps one day this
can be
a reality, when a coalition of countries, including the US, can put a
together to save Haiti. Haitian Americans together have something to

We all must understand that there is no free Lunch.

We have able and credible people, willing to work honesly.

Best Regards,

Bernier Lauredan, Sr, MD
Acting Chairman,
The Haitian League, Inc