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24270: (reply) kathleen Re: 24268: Morse: (discuss) three week rebellion that ousted..... (fwd)

From: Kathleen <kathleenmb@adelphia.net>

I remember, Richard.  It was a hell of a lot more people and weeks than
I also note that Haiti's Central Plateau is always described, along with the
rest of the country, as "dry and deforested."  Gee, could it be that the
journalists only visit during the dry season Oct - April with a HUGE bump in
Jan and Feb?  Couldn't be that the weather in the U.S., Canada, and Europe
is just ducky and hardly worth a trip to the tropics during Haiti's green
lush months, could it?  Come to think of it, what was happening in Haiti
during the summer before those "three weeks?"  Anybody?
I think the word for this "journalism" is solipcism (sp?)