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27865: White: (news) US Propaganda in Haiti: NPR reporter Amelia Shaw is wearing two hats (fwd)

From: Randall White <raw@haitiaction.org>


US Propaganda in Haiti: NPR reporter Amelia Shaw is wearing two hats

Haiti News Watch - In another dramatic infiltration of the mainstream press, Flashpoints has learned that Amelia Shaw, National Public Radio's current correspondent from Haiti, is also a reporter with the US government propaganda organization, Voice of America (VOA). By law, VOA is not allowed to broadcast on US frequencies. Shaw's reports have appeared both on Voice of America and National Public Radio in the same 48 hour period. Her reports - very much in line with the US State Department - have tried to suggest that Rene Preval is a troublemaker, a spoil-sport who was trying to undermine the mostly free and fair electoral process in Haiti.

NPR's willingness to collaborate with a Voice of America reporter without revealing her connection is a text-book example of US government infiltration into the media, and represents a glaring conflict of interest.

The Voice of America reporter was also used as a source for BBC and Pacifica Radio's KPFA Evening News broadcast on Thursday, February 16, 2006.

What follows is a transcript of the story as it was broken on Pacifica's Radio's Flashpoints show oDenis Bernstein February 16th 2006. The interview is conducted by FP's Executive Prodcuer, Dennis Bernstein

Bernstein: in Berkeley, I'm Dennis Bernstein. You are listening to Flashpoints, on Pacifica Radio.

For complete transcipt, story and images go to: