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27892: Kondrat (response) Re: 27850: O'Brien/ 27830: Bell - Quebecois/Kreyol parallels (fwd)

 from Peter Kondrat [kondr8@gmail.com]

I don't know too much about the particulars of Quebecois French, but it
would make sense that there are parallels with Kreyol, especially in
colloquial idiom ... the political ruptures of Quebec and Haiti with the
Empire happened  around the same time, in effect "freezing" the language at
that  historical moment, as if trapped in amber. Subsequent developments
in  each language are largely independent of the "mother tongue" from
that  stage on ....

   Peter Kondrat

Martha O'Brien wrote:

I wonder if, instead of deriving from "les autres" it derives from "vous
autres"--an expression I've often heard in Québec to differentiate "vous"
singular formal and "vous" plural. It has been my observation that there
are quite a few expressions/pronunciations

/usages that exist in both Kreyòl
and French as spoken in Québec.

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