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27893: Sajous(reply) 27880: Boswell: (news): the economist on haiti's election (fwd)

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In a message dated 2/18/2006 8:19:02 AM Central Standard Time,    Boswell

The  underlying problem is that the interim government, installed
after the  violent overthrow of Jean-Bertrand Aristide two years
ago, represents  only one side of Haitiâ??s political divide. Its
backers are businessmen  and traditional politicians. They see Mr
Préval as a puppet of Mr  Aristide, who is in exile in South Africa,
and say they will do almost  anything to prevent him from being

Combined with the fact that Féquirère stated in an article yesterday  in the
Miami Herald that if an investigattion was made they  would  find all the
massive fraud made by them(CEP).So they decided to  proclaim Préval the
winner to
avoid further embarassments.
Furthermore when Baker stated to the Miami Herald last Monday,that for the
good of the country Préval has to be stopped at all costs.Reasonable minds
would  have realized that his 8% are not enough even by adding the 12% of
Manigat.An astute politician at the time should have known it was the time to
concede unless he intended to stop Préval by other means...Last week-end was
time for him to embrace Préval and leverage his 8 % instead he gave  chance
the supporters of Aristide to do the leverage.They forced Préval to  use the
Aristide fraction to become president.By the way based on my analysis  Baker
better than 8 % and Manigat worst than 12%.The manipulation of the  data as I
saw it was to put Préval below  50% and   Manigat second.If the votes were
counted Préval would have won but I am not  sure if Baker wouldn't have been

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