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27899: Dailey: Reply (27884) Boswell (fwd)

Dailey:  Reply (27884) Boswell

Richard Boswell states that although he has been "supportive" of Aristide government he will "readily acknowledge that there was corruption and other transgressions." Although I don't agree with any of his other conclusions, it is nevertheless a handsome gesture. Although I was critical of Aristide government I will readily concede that during Aristide's ten years in power he accepted Cuba's offer to dispatch medical professionals to Haiti, cleaned up Chanmas, as well as taking some other positive steps.

Boswell asks "what acknowledgment would you like to hear from Aristide supporters that you have not heard that could help move the conversation forward?" I speak only for myself, but I would like to hear them acknowledge that Rene Preval is the legitimate, democratically elected President of the Republic of Haiti, and that they fully support Chapter III Article 134-3 of the Haitian Constitution which directs that someone who has served as president of the Republic "may in no case run for a third term."

Peter Dailey