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27916: African Diaspora and the Disciplines announcement (fwd)

From: Toni Pressley-Sanon
University of Wisconsin-Madison

African Diaspora Studies and the Disciplines
An international symposium to be held at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison, March 23-26, 2006.

The study of the African diaspora has become a most vibrant area of
research and teaching in recent years across disciplines. Few efforts
have, however, been made to clearly situate, delineate, and reflect on
the practice of diaspora scholarship within the possibilities and
constraints afforded and imposed by the disciplines. Interdisciplinary
dialogue on the theoretical contours of the African diaspora is even
rarer. In order to begin filling these significant gaps, the African
Diaspora and the Atlantic World Research Circle at the University of
Wisconsin brings together leading scholars in over a dozen disciplines
for a three-day international symposium.

Join us for a landmark event!

For detailed information, see http://africa.wisc.edu/diaspora/

Also, I invite list members to read my essay, "The Uses of Zonbi: A Haitian Icon's Convergent Meanings Across Temporal and Geographical Divides" at the above website. For more information please e-mail me directly at: tonisanon@aol.com


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