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27930: Marassa (commentings) Manus redux shun (fwd)

From: DeSprit Marassa <lwasauvaj@hotmail.com>

Marassa waking up startling last night. non sleeping dodo.
Dreaming of deja vu...or voodoo or Voodoo or Vodoun or Vodou?

but no was dreaming. now Marassa bidding adieu for monsieur Bernard.
Oh so nastinesses. we no very happy when we clairvoyant. but is good for businesses

Maybe he for to having tea and crumpets with monsieur Manus in Boca Ratonez?
Marasta wondering what they would be saying to one and another...

"kabrit tomazo!!! meme mak meme plim...??"

if is like chess, preval already in "check"? we hoping for no.
all boxed in we thinking. asteriskes *, yes. affirmatively so.

deep in green soups and soaps prolongez
marassa desprit despairing

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