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27890: Rossier replies to simodor's comment about film at Schomburg Center (fwd)

From NRossier

Mr Simidor:

I would have liked you to participate to the extremely rich debate
yesterday. The film expresses plenty of contradictions
and leaves ample room to respected opposition figures such as Tim Carney, Laennec Hurbon, Claude Moise, Roger Noriega, Orlando Marville and
even Latortue who does not have nice words in the film for Aristide
to say the least. The film has been called well balanced by partisan and
non partisan people. There are plenty of recent one sided films
covering 2004 you can order online on various tv websites. I'll give
you a list of them. They all followed your pro-coup stance. I only remember talking after the debate to one man who did not introduce
himself. Was it you? If yes the only think I remember from your
comments is that you started being anti-Aristide before 1991. Good
for you Simidor and now we understand that you did not even want to give
him a chance the first time he got elected. Will you get Preval a chance
to lead (at least give him credit for a month). I fear not. As for Aristide's fall from power in 2004 in relative indifference at home
and abroad, I totally agree with you and that is why at the time (in
February 2004) I decided to make a film as I consider this
indifference to be quite worrying.