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27942: Severe:(pub) US Activity in Dominican Border Region (fwd)

From: Constantin Severe <csevere@hotmail.com>

Medics to build clinics, train in Dominican Republic

Associated Press

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Thousands of U.S. troops were headed to the Dominican Republic to build medical clinics and conduct medical training, an official said Thursday. Some 100 troops were near the southern city of Barahona, close to the Haitian border, to work with the Dominican military on the projects, said Army spokesman Robert Appin.

About 3,500 soldiers would join the effort, part of “New Horizons” — a Latin American aid program the U.S. military has run since 1998, Appin said.

The work runs through May 22. Some 450 U.S. troops will be in the Dominican Republic at any one time, Appin said.

Dominican troops, engineers and doctors will work with the U.S. soldiers, said Dominican military spokesman Maj. Ivo Rijo Cedeno.

The U.S. Southern Command runs the aid program, which deploys troops to build roads, schools, clinics and sanitation systems in Latin America. Other projects were scheduled this year in Honduras, Peru and El Salvador, Appin said.