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27949: binard reply Re: 27933: Morse (reply) kondrat re US suport of Preval

From: Marc Binard <islandoc2001@yahoo.com>

I agree with Richard,

I spent part of  new years day 2005 with Preval in
Mamlade drinking coffee with the village elders in his
My impression of Preval was that he was a
compassionate man who was sincerely interested in
improving conditions for all Haitians.

His modest home on the square in Mamlade certainly
didnt give the impression that he had or would be
pursuing political office for personal financial gain.

Prevals base of support went far beyond Aristide's .

Lets give this man all the support we can .

Marc Binard
Abaco Bahamas

--- Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu> wrote:

_oloffsonram@aol.com_ (mailto:oloffsonram@aol.com)

Dear Mr Kondrat,
I've spoken, in the last couple of years, to a lot
of people working in
Washington and, unless they're putting on a good
show, or just outright lying

me, I don't get a negative sense about Preval's
presidency. I could be wrong.
I  could be right, only time will tell.

One thing I can say is that they've worked with him
before so at least they
know him to a certain extent. When I did mention
that I thought Mr Preval
would  win the election, I don't believe he was even
a candidate yet.

I believe people in Washington would welcome a bit
of stability here in
Haiti, and I also don't believe the Mr Preval likes
to create antagonism
the different sectors of society. I think that's
going to be very  important
in the near future.

  I don't get the feeling that Mr Preval is out to
become the richest  man in
this part of the hemisphere.... So perhaps, if there
is any aid, it will  be
aid well spent.

As Latin America creates it's own democratic
culture, I'm sure  Washington
will begin to understand that the poor and peasant
classes, in many  of these
countries, have the largest representation, in terms
of numbers.  Hopefully
these voters will wisely choose their leaders and
hopefully  they'll have solid

constitutions to guide them.

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