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27980: Benson: Haitian featured at Figge Art Museum

From: Legrace Benson <lgbenson@cbs.ucsb.edu>

At the Figge Art Museum, Davenport, IA, Until 16 April 2006


Edouard Duval-Carrie's exhibition and installation, "Migration of the

The work of this Haitian artist, currently living in Miami is a stunning
visual evocation of the years from 1492 to the present. One of
Duval-Carrie's installations works is a commission from the museum.  


In addition to this exceptional show, the Figge has one of the finest
collections of Haitian art in the United States. The collection includes
works from the Centre d'Art period when Haitian art first came to
international attention up to the very moment. 


For those interested in the father shores of the Caribbean, there is also an
interesting collection of Mexican  Colonial painting.  


The new museum with its huge glass wall overlooking the Mississippi is a
treat to see as well, and the Museum cafe has truly gourmet food at entirely
modest prices.


Those in colleges and universities near Davenport will find a visit to the
show well worth the time. I myself went from quite far away and was very
pleased to have done so.  If you go by plane note that Davenport uses the
Moline, Illinois airport ("Quad Cities International) and most hotels on the
Davenport side have free connecting transportation.  


LeGrace Benson 

Arts of Haiti Research Project


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