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27983: Dailey (Comment) Senate Results (fwd)

Senate Results

The attempts to force Preval into a runoff by fraudulently manipulating the ballot count seem tame compared to the magouy taking place now over the parliamentary voting. The next government will be headed by a Prime Minister chosen either from the party with a majority of Senate seats or what is more likely the most stable coalition that can be put together out of minority parties. Since such a coalition can refuse to confirm a prime minister, the net effect is that the prime minister must be chosen by a consultative process between the various parties and between the parties and the President. The bartering process that goes on involves everything from ministerial appointments, support for programs, and broad policy orientation etc. to contracts, payoffs, etc. But what seems to be happening now is an attempt to reach a deal prior to even announcing the Senate results or determining the need for runoff elections.

This is all conjectural, and I would welcome hearing from anyone who knows anything specific.

Peter Dailey