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27986: Simidor (comment): Preval & Petion, interesting parallel (fwd)

From: Daniel Simidor, <danielsimidor@yahoo.com>

Preval?s relationship with Aristide is not unlike
Alexandre Petion?s with Andre Rigaud, two centuries

At the start of their careers, Rigaud is the general
and Petion his lieutenant.  In 1810, with Petion as
president of one-half of the country (Christophe is in
charge of his own kingdom in the North), Rigaud
returns from exile.  Petion rolls out the red carpet
and installs his former boss in his old fiefdom in
Jeremie.  Next thing you know (but in typical
fashion), Rigaud stages a coup and splits Petion?s
Republic in half.

The French say that history is a constant
?recommencement? (starting over).  Merde, I hope
that?s not true!

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