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28008: To Mrs Myrlande Manigat. (an open letter) About all the rumors. (fwd)

_Jepiem@aol.com_ (mailto:Jepiem@aol.com)

I have heard rumors from several sources that you are removing yourself
after having decidedly won the race for the senate to represent the citizens

the West department of Haiti. On the basis of principles? What principles. As
an  afar observer, I was just as frustrated at the way the incompetent
electoral  council terminated the race for the presidency in Haiti, and I for
thought  that Mr Leslie Manigat not only deserved a chance for a head to head
confrontation with Mr Preval both in debates and at the second round poles,

also a chance to prove himself as the legitimately elected president of Haiti
in  its time of crisis. I was however disappointed at the way he handled
himself  following that unjust way of shoving him off contention. Not wanting
 presumptuous enough to teach any lesson to the illustrious professor, he
could  have been, shall I say more diplomatic? about it and pursue the legal
fight with  equal firmness. As for you, I fail to see what the principle is. If

indeed you  have been elected, you have been empowered with a mandate to serve
your country  and your people which you asked for by the way by becoming a
candidate. How can  you? There is a lot of faith and hope ( the real ESPWA)
invested in each one of  the votes cast in the name of Myrlande Manigat at

elections. This in one  vote which I believe would have brought the people of
Haiti a lot of returns  because of all the good qualities and competence they
believe you are imbued  with. Please say it isn't so, that it is not really as
the rumors say, and if  you did utter something of the sort publicly, remember
that it is the  prerogative of every woman to change her mind at least once,
particularly for a  good cause. An appearance by you on TV and on the radio

go a long way  towards lifting the morale of an awful lot of disappointed
people and do your  country and you a lot of good. The leader you have sworn to

remain faithful to  and wanted to avenge by that rumored withdrawal will
understand later the wisdom  of your choice.
Math Jay