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28065: Slavin (Patrick): comment on Jacmel Carnival (fwd)

from: Patrick Slavin


Greetings again from West Africa. Just for the record,
who is poster Slavin212@aol.com? Dying to know that
there's another Slavin whose gotten mixed up, I mean
lovingly attached, to Haiti.

Re Jacqui Labrom's appreciated post from Jacmel -- my
goodness, never waid it into a Carnival crowd with
anything you want to lose except your marital vows. I
think to be fair, we should make that a "Carnival
Anywhere" rule. In the "old Haiti," there were
generally two periods when the spirits forgave petty
crime - Carnival and Presidential Inaugurations. But
the people who got hit tended to be those who could
afford it and got nailed for large amounts of cash --
call it an informal donation to a grassroots NGO.


J.P. Slavin