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28079: Kondrat (reply) Re: 28059: Morse (ask) Has Bush lost Haiti? (fwd)

from Peter Kondrat [kondr8@gmail.com]

  Morse asked, Has Bush lost Haiti?

  I don't know, Richard ... I didn't realize she had ever belonged to him.

  If she did once belong to him, he certainly didn't treat her the way someone
treats a possession he cares about, and values.

  And if Haiti is not "lost" to the neocons in Washington, it would be
wonderful if she could at least hide for a while. Haiti's been the  victim in
an abusive relationship with Washington for at least a  century now ... if only
there were a Battered Nations Shelter in which  she could take refuge. (Maybe
the new Latin American Bolivarista  network could set up something of the
sort.) And like a battered woman,  Haiti seems to have come to believe, to
internalize, all the horrible  things that her abuser says about her .... she
almost seems to feel  that she deserves to live in misery and terror, because
as long as she  sticks with Big Daddy, she has no alternative.

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