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28081: Morse (comment) A's last days (fwd)

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It's not <just coming out now>.
Jorgen Leth interviewed Louis Moreno shortly after <the departure>  for a
Danish paper and the translation was posted on the Corbett list. It's  always
been a <he said, she said> situation. Embassy says one thing and A  says
In truth, you don't have to listen to either side. If A didn't  want to
leave, there would have been a few thousand chimeres camped  out in front of
his house. As it turns out, it's difficult to find a Haitian witness to the events.

<A> didn't want any witnesses to his  act of cowardice. Once a punk, always a
punk. By the sounds of some of these  quotes we're getting from A in the
press (<they were voting for me>), it  seems as though he may be losing his