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From: Alix <fleury2020@yahoo.com>

  As a haitian-american, born in haiti and who lived there most of my life, I
was insulted by the first paragraph of this posting. People participating in
this forum should show some respect and not refer to the homeland of 8+million
people as a SHITHOLE.

[Corbett interjects: Alix, the items was not written by anyone ON THIS LIST. Rather, it was published and a list member sent it into the list.
It has been a long tradition on the list to post virtually every item
about Haiti that gets published whether it is flattering or not; it keeps
us all aware of what is being said...  Bob]

  You speaks of a "culture that has seemed more lacking in hope and human
decency than any other on earth". I think you should start by showing some
decency yourself. Whatever good you had to say about the film is negated by
your his first, insulting sentence.
  I have been reading this forum for quite a while; this has got to be the
sensible posting.
  We dont't need to make this a drwn out debate. I think you owe the haitian
people an apology. The insult was crude and unwarranted.  A simple apology will

[Corbett adds:  Again, alas, the AUTHOR of this item is highly unlikely to
see your note.  The author is not a list member.]