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28156: Morse (comment) Out with the old (fwd)

_oloffsonram@aol.com_ (mailto:oloffsonram@aol.com)

It's time to make changes where it counts in Haiti. Wealthy Haitians  want to
perpetuate the current economic status quo. Haiti needs a middle  class and
until the old school economic folks are taken out of the loop,  Haiti won't be
heading in that direction.

Start by getting rid of the old entourage. Preval should separate himself
from folks like:

1) Rene Max Auguste,  Chambre de Commerce

2) Richard Coles,  Association des Industries

3) Jean Edouard Baker,  Association des Industries

4) Maryse Penette,  Association des Industries

5) Jerry Tardieu,  Chambre de Commerce

6) Gladys Coupet,  Association des Banques, etc., etc.,

Haitians working in the textile industry (or most of these factories for
that matter) can't afford the round trip commute to work and a meal let  alone
schooling and doctor care.  Industries should be creating a middle  class.

The ports have to be addressed.  I don't want to shop where the prices  are
outrageous and quality is inferior.  Too many importing monopolies.  Simplify
the port system and the import tax system.

The Embassy and Washington have to do an analysis of who's profiting from
the current economic situation and make broad changes in their alliances. The
Haitian people have asked for a change. If the Haitian People wanted
representation from this list of folks, they would have voted for Baker.

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