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28159: Benson (reply) RE: 28158: Corbett: (bibliographic) Haitian cook books in Corbett's collection (fwd)

From LeGrace:

Many of these are in my library already. What I would love to
see one day is a book by Francillia X, or Guerda Y or Agnes Z that explains
the way THEY cook.  There is a true Kreyol cuisine, simple yet imaginative,
flavorful, and rich in the use of aromas and textures. I have been able to
recreate little of it in the US lacking the fresh, truly organic
ingredients, including those marvelously tasty chickens that are so free
range that they peck around the central square or the cathedral. There is no
substitute for fresh chadek or gwave.  But it would be fun to read such a
book anyhow. I did mangage to replicate Francillia's coffee once I tossed
out the electric roaster and went back to the iron skillet and a pinch of
raw sugar.  Oh! Stop! I miss the plain food of Milot!