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28182: Fonda: NGO Photography Opportunity (fwd)

From Dave Fonda:  david-f@comcast.net
    (please contact me directly)

My name is David Fonda and I am a professional corporate/editorial photographer from Philadelphia. I have been working in and for Haiti for the past ten years. I am planning a working trip to Haiti in late June/early July to do some shooting for an NGO; I’d like to extend the trip and work in some additional shooting. If you’re with an NGO working in Haiti and in need of some good photography of your organization, I’d be interested in talking with you.

I’m not asking for compensation, but I will need ground support (transportation, translator, lodging and the like) while shooting for you, and the NGO I’m coordinating this with would appreciate help with my airfare.

You can see my work at
My Haiti photography is in the Documentary pages.

Also in the Documentary pages is a gallery of approx. 200 images from Haiti available for use. Information on licencing the images is included on the main page.


‘Sa je pa wè,
            kè pa touen.’

What the eye doesn’t see,
                   doesn’t move the heart.  -  Haitian Proverb

Fonda Photographic