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28190: Sprague (comment) Democratization/Globalization Conference (fwd)

 From Jeb Sprague

Talks and discussion on US electoral intervention in Haiti will be
included within this conference.

In The Name of Democracy:

US Electoral Intervention in the Americas

April 7-8, 2006

Yale University

Luce Hall Auditorium
34 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven

All panels free and open to the public; no registration required

Conference participants will use the context of Latin America's busy
2006 electoral season and the region's "leftward turn" as entry
points for discussing the growth of US "democracy promotion" as a
policy strategy throughout the Americas.  Democracy promotion has
seen very little debate outside the policy rooms of Washington, D.C.
Accordingly, this conference will play host to a lively discussion of
democracy promotion's political, economic, and social ramifications;
its successes and failures; its relationship to concepts of
democracy, intervention, and sovereignty; and its implications for a
region whose electoral politics have increasingly come to defy the
policy objectives of the United States.

Friday, April 7

9:00 AM -- Introductory Keynotes
William I. Robinson, Jorge I. Dominguez

11:00 AM -- Panel I
"Foreign Financing -- Benevolence or Intervention?"
Brian Dean, Jennifer McCoy, Hector Mondragon

2:00 PM -- Panel II
"Decentralization -- Sharing Power, Sharing Resources?"
Naomi Klein, Gary Bland, Zander Navarro

Saturday, April 8

9:00 AM -- Panel III
"Legacies of Interaction: The Latin American Laboratory"
Greg Grandin, Daniel Wilkinson, Bryant G. Garth

11:00 AM -- Panel IV
"Globalization and Democracy"
Mark Weisbrot, Anibal Perez-Linan, Marta Lagos

2:00 PM -- Panel V
"Toward a Hemispheric Civil Society"
Atilio A. Boron, Nicolas Guilhot, Michael Coppedge

For more information, see www.yale.edu/ycias/lais/events.htm or
contact kirsten.weld@yale.edu.
Sponsored by the Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies at the
Yale Center for International and Area Studies, the Orville H.
Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights at the Yale Law
School, the Office of the Secretary's Woodward Lectureship, the
Gaddis Smith Seminar Series of the International Affairs Council, the
Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Memorial Fund, the Dean's Fund for
Graduate-Organized Symposia at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and
Sciences, and the Department of Political Science at Yale University.

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