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Joy Miksic

Pwof Ansanm is providing a 3-year summer training program for secondary teachers in Jérémie, Haiti. We are searching for a English and French or Kreyòl- speaking teacher for the 2-week computer training portion, 15 - 28 July. This is a good opportunity to international education students to have direct impact on a developing program. The trainer needs good familiarity with the internet, Word and storage (hard drive, flash, etc.), but does not need to be an expert in computers.

The objective is to have the teachers independently able to search the net for teaching and curricular materials, move documents for storage and printing. We will provide a manual in Kreyol. There will be 25 participants, with one principal teacher and at least one helper. All participants have demonstrated use of the computer in the program last summer. .

This program is in the second year, and the participants will be expected to provide evidence of their use of the computer through the year to successfully complete the program. Please pass this along to others that may want this opportunity, and contact me if you have any questions.
website:  www.pwofansanm.org