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28197: PCharles: (reply) Re: 28175: Frank Eaton (announce): a Kreyol Music Video online! (fwd)

Philippe Charles:

This is good music!

Listening to this track reminded me of
another pleasant experience I had in 1991. I was living
in San Jose, Ca then. (I never met a Haitian
in SJ during the two years I lived there...) A colleague
came to my office once and told me that they were
playing some good African music on 91.5. When I turned
my radio on, I realized that it was Haitian music - surprisingly
good music. I waited for the dj to announce the name of the
band ... but all I managed to catch through his accent was
"Bok - Mann - Experience (experience pronounced in English)".
Made no sense to me! I figured that I might have to wait until
I took a trip to NY to figure this one out. A few days later, I went
to Tower Records and as I entered the front door, I noticed a rack
full of Boukman Experience's first cd. To this day, I wonder if BE
knew how big they were in San Jose!

By the way, the track they played on the radio that day was the
carnival song "Kem pa sote".

For those of you who missed Frank's original note,
here's a second chance: