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28199: Re 28171 and 28184 (questions) About cilantro. From Math Jay (fwd)

From: Jepiem@aol.com

I'm not much of a cook so I need to know which kind of cilantro we are
talking about that is used in Haitian giromon (joumou) soup. There is a plant
called cilantro which looks like italian parsley but with looser leaves and a
pungent flavor. That's what many books call coriandrum sativum or coriander.

book simply calls it corander without reference to the cilantro name even
though  maintaining the latin name and shows it with small white flowers. The
leaves are not easily identifyable in the picture.Does the cilantro we are
talking about ever flower? And there is another variety with long slender
dentated leaves and some bouquet like productions of thinner leaflets  at the
end of
stems. That one is also called cilantro by some cuban plant  sellers. I don't
know yet what it's latin name is because I have not encountered  it in any
book so far.Cilantro is not used much in Haiti so far as I know. I  don't even
know what cilantro is called in Haiti. Anyone  knows?

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