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28223: Hermantin(News)Priority's the problem with helping Haiti (fwd)

From: leonie hermantin <lhermantin@hotmail.com>


South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board

April 2, 2006

Priority's the problem with helping Haiti

It began with such promise: Imagine using the resources of Florida to help Haiti, which at least technically is the closest democracy in the Caribbean.

Granted, Gov. Jeb Bush's 2004 Haiti Advisory Group produced a plan that even stretched his parameters of big, audacious ideas. Improving security and hosting reconciliation talks for the troubled nation aren't your typical state government fare. But this is Florida, which may explain why the plan is collecting dust on the proverbial shelf.

Bush hasn't yet persuaded the Florida Legislature to jump-start the initiative with a $1 million appropriation. That's not very impressive for a governor whose party controls both legislative chambers.

Bush still has time, and he'd better make it a priority, something close to the zeal he normally saves for school choice or tax cuts. Or else Florida's expatriate Haitian community might feel used -- again.
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