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28232: lyall (more comment) Haiti's energy future (fwd)

jdlyall opines:

Sun and Wind are good things to look to for energy. Sure. I don't know if 'the international community' is required here, except maybe to provide loss insurance for investors.

Do we want EDH owning solar panel farms on Savanne Desole and anba Morne Cabrit? How about a multinational energy company? They do things like this with their own money. EDH would have to contract to buy power from someone who was willing to build solar farms or windmills.

I think the mountains above PauP have good places for huge windmills.

Perhaps the history of burning ports and factories and sugar plantations would make investors leery of putting money in. It has made Haitians leery of investing at home. That is where the idea of external loss insurance could come into play. Probably brother Lance would know the possibility of something like this.

Another idea that I have mentioned in the past is palm plantations for Palm Oil to turn into bio-diesel. Let Titid and Jean Claude come back and compete in creating the most productive bio-diesel plantations and refineries!

Oh, Electricity de France has the worlds best record with Nuclear energy. Do we have uranium deposits in Haiti?