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28236: Re: 28226: Paryski (comment) Haiti's energy future (fwd)

From: PPARYSKI@aol.com

Richard is correct: as is the case for other aspects of development in Haiti,
the future is bleak indeed.  When I was working in Haiti for UNDP we
estimated that the electrical generation capacity of Port-au-Prince was around
mega watts, very limited indeed and most of that from higher inefficent
individual gasoline and diesel generators.

Sun and wind are potentially great sources of energy for Haiti.  Hydrocarbons
particularly oil can cannot be counted on in the future since worldwide
supplies are diminishing rapidly and the large, powerful countries especially
US and China, are fighting to control them.  When I was in the UN in Haiti we
tried to establish a project of suppling solar powered street lights for small
towns and even for larger towns, something that is still worth consideration.

Yes indeed the donor communitiy in partnership with the Haitian Government
should be actively pursuing alternate forms of energy.

Paul Paryski