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28234: Re: 28225: (reply). Math Jay. About cilantro (fwd)

From: Jepiem@aol.com

I beg to differ. Please provide documentation as to where parsley is called
cilantro in Haiti. From my sources some haitians not knowing cilantro confuse
buy it sometimes for parsley but parsley is parsley and cilantro is cilantro.
 True many spices have multiple names depending on the locality and the
country.  Anis for instance in North America, what is called aniseed is totally

different  than what we called anis in Haiti, not to be confused with the
anis  which is mexican taragon, but do inform us as to where parsley is
called  cilantro in haiti and in what part of the country and what segment of
See Mr Corbett what you started with your cilantro love?