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28250: Lucien (reply) Re: 28236: Re: 28226: Paryski (comment) Haiti's energy future (fwd)

From: Jean-Patrick Lucien <patlucien@yahoo.com>

I think one good way to build a energy project in Haiti is to set a model.  You
take one city and build a Hybrid system in that city (Solar, Wind and small
Hydro if possible).  I don't believe you can start testing new technology in
Port-au-Prince, you need to start on a small scale and also in an area where
the power generated can be controlled to avoid "stolen" outsourcing of the

  One other aspect  is that everything does not have to be government funded
project only.  An energy project could be a joint partnership between
government and private sector enterprise run privately.  Why not come up with a
plan where the diaspora and locals can invest for example.  If you were to
build such an energy system let say in Hinche, People from Hinche who live in
the diaspora and in Haiti could be investors in that project along side the
government.  Investors get a return on their profit and at the same time enjoy
having the energy in their hometown. It's a double win for them.  The same can
be implemented in other cities, this way, each system is independently run,
owned and managed.
  Who are the investors: the same people benefiting from the energy, therefore
they will make sure that it is implemented well.

  my 2 cents,

  Patrick Lucien