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28273: re 28257 Labrom re Morse recycling (fwd)

from Jacqui Labrom

I thought that there was a plastic recycling plant in Haiti. You do see people picking up and carrying plastic bottles - eg dlo or Juna bottles. I saw one guy sifting thru his garbage collection, putting plastic bottles to one side and tossing the rest over the bridge into a ravine!! A mwen!!

Also if we're talking about putting windmills out in PauP bay, why not put them on one side of La Gonave island?

The other wonderful recycling thing I heard years ago when I was at the World Travel Market in London for the Tourism office: someone came to the Tourism officials and suggested that you could get a grant from the EEC to buy a large flat bed loader/trailer and then one could pick up all the old cars on the streets and take them out to sea. You would need a kind of boat (can't think of the word) which could transport the cars - take them right out to sea - drop them in the ocean, and these cars (previously stripped of everything but the frame) then become habitats for Coral!! Now isn't that a wonderful idea!! Kill two birds with one stone - get rid of all the old ditched cars and rebuild coral!

Jacqui Labrom