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28229: Vedrine (reply)RE: 28237: Mazonbel (information request) Maskriti (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

“luil maskriti”
[plant: "Maskreti (maskriti)" , ricinus communis (of the family “Euphorbiaceae”)

It can also be used for MASSAGE (releasing the muscles)
It can be use with some other ingredients as LAXATIVE (“lòk”)
It can be as “cooking oil” (through extraction first).

Ref. “Some Creole Plants with their names in Latin"
by E. W. Vedrine

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From Mazonbel

Can anyone enumerate the different uses for "luil maskriti" in Haiti besides for your hair and for "ralman" (chiropractic-like massage)? Is it used also in Vodou? What is its English name? Is it Castor Oil?

Thank you.