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28245: Ulysse: Query Myths about vodou and the misuse of voodoo (fwd)

From: Gina Ulysse <gulysse@wesleyan.edu>

Dear Corbetters,

I am currently looking for popular myths about vodou. I am also interested
in adding to my list of misuse/misappropriation of the term voodoo to refer
to things g/done wrong as in voodoo economic, voodoo medicine etc.

Do take heed, I will not recreate that structure. I seek these terms only to
demystify them.

Please send your knowledge to me directly at the email below.

Mesi anpil


Gina A. Ulysse
Assistant Professor of Anthropology 			Beyond mountains,
& African-American Studies					more mountains.
281 High Street							Haitian proverb
Middletown, CT 06457
(869) 347-0451