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28274: (comment) Chamberlain: 28264: Esser: (news) Open letter to Wyclef Jean (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

the Haiti Democracy Project is known as the "Haiti Death Project".

May we know the origin of this nickname?

Does it come from the streets of PauP or was it dreamed up as usual by the
white-dominated er... "democratic centralist" Stalinist left in the US and
thence transmitted for "unanimous adoption" to the grateful masses in
Haiti, with instructions to worship at the externally-funded Church of the
Perpetual Conspiracy?

The majority of the Haitian people want to live in peace.

From interfering foreigners of all kinds, especially those on the so-called
left using the Haitian people for their own personal reasons or political
"laboratory" experiments.

the people that HDP has always worked to undermine their rights and their
wishes, people that HDP called "chimeres".

See the new film THE GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL for clear evidence of Aristide's
organisation and payment of these gangsters to crush his opponents.  A film
promoted by Wyclef.

Endorsed by: The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network

A one-woman organisation that has never seen fit to disclose its structure.

        Greg Chamberlain