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28300: De Verteuil, comments Re: 28288: rossier comments Re: 28285: SLMathison: (ask) Fwd: Salaries in Haiti (fwd)

From Patrick de Verteuil,

I beg to disagree. At most some 10% of the population enjoy salaries.
Increasing salaries drives up the cost of living for the vast majority who
are self or un-employed. What is desperately needed is more salaries  (even
if necessarily modest).
It is evident that the starting salary of, for instance, a public school
teacher at 5000 gourdes (US$125) is shockingly low by US or European
standards. It is also evident that because it is shockingly high by Haitian
standards the government can only fund the education of 20% of school age
children. Were the poor government to use all of its meager resources on
education it would (at the present salary range) not manage more than 50%!