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28299: McAlister: Research articles this week on Haiti (fwd)

Elizabeth McAlister <emcalister@wesleyan.edu> writes:

I am forwarding these citations of articles published this week related to Haiti. I don't myself have copies either, but if you wish to find them, I recommend consulting a good reference librarian. I forward them to the list in hopes that can be useful to others who work on and for Haiti. Best wishes, Liza McAlister

Record 1.
TI: Comparison of Referral Rates for Preschool Children at Risk for Disabilities Using Information Obtained From Birth Certificate Records
AU: Delgado, Christine E.F.; Scott, Keith G.
JN: The Journal of Special Education
PD: Spring 2006
VO: 40
NO: 1
PG: 28-35(8)
PB: Proed
IS: 0022-4669

Record 2.
TI: A Brief Sexual Barrier Intervention for Women Living with AIDS: Acceptability, Use, and Ethnicity AU: LaPerriere, A.; Jones, D.L.; Efantis-Potter, J.; Weiss, S.M.; Malow, R.; OSullivan, M.J.; Schneiderman, N.; Ishii, M.; Devieux, J.; Stanley, H.; Cassells, A.; Tobin, J.N.; Brondolo, E.
JN: Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine
PD: 1 December 2001
VO: 78
NO: 4
PG: 593-604(12)
PB: Oxford University Press
IS: 1099-3460
URL: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/l/oup/jurban/2001/78/4/593?id=wesleyanct
Click on the URL to access the article or to link to other issues of the publication.

Fax/Ariel Articles:

Record 1.
TI: Brown, Gordon S. Toussaint's Clause: The Founding Fathers and the Haitian Revolution
AU: Mason, M
JN: Southern Quarterly
PD: 2005
VO: 43
NO: 2
PG: 187-190
IS: 0038-4496
URL: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/l/1055547602?id=wesleyanct
Click on the URL to access the article or to link to other issues of the publication.

Record 2.
TI: Descent into Haiti
AU: Garcia, JM
JN: Virginia Quarterly Review
PD: 2006
VO: 82
NO: 2
PG: 181-205
IS: 0042-675X
URL: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/l/1061689352?id=wesleyanct
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