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28315: tou_dwat : RE: 28274: Chamberlain: 28264: Esser:Open letter to Wyclef Jean (fwd)

From: tou dwat <tou_dwat@hotmail.com>

By respect for James?and the street kids that will follow

C.R., who asked me to take care of kid becoming a man...

J.L, to which I introduced the "fine young man" and then presented him to
his son? who will pay his way to Cannes with the pictures taken of the
fine young man

Michel Jean, the Radio Canada journalist who lost his job after
portraying the fine young man as a child soldier while in fact, he was
his fixer?

Mrs.M., who set up the fine young man to the Radio Canada journalist,
maybe to avoid his competition as a fixer

R.M?who was pissed when I was bringing him and his friend in dignifying
way at his compound.

P.M? another radio <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns =
"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Canada journalist who's in
debt to the young man

A.L?..who saw the fine young man being corned as a poetic subject by

Mr.N,?Who sold his film with an « out of context sentence » taken from
the young man

All those journalist and editors who made thousands of $ with the story
and pictures of the fine young man

Wyclef? because the above persons will keep on shutting up if you do?

Help me find him if he?s still alive?I?ll take him with my family?. If
he?s dead, let?s find his kids so they know the real story.