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28341: Minsky: (announce) FREE Laferriere film at Teachers College Fri, April 28, 5:30 (and refreshments) (fwd)

From: Tequila Minsky <tminsky@ix.netcom.com>

How to Conquer America in One Night
Canada/Haiti, 2004  96min.
Romantic comedy in French with Engl subtitles, Dany Laferriere, dir

Recipient of Zenith Prize (Best First Fiction Feature) Montreal World Film Festival, 2004

Newly arrived in Montreal, and determined to conquer North America by charming blond-haired women, Gege, a Haitian in his thirties, lands up at Fanfan's --his nostalgic uncle who has given up poetry for a good
old taxicab and dreams of returning to his homeland.

Two fun-loving guys take stock of their lives, memories and fantasies. [This film is a lot of fun!]

TC's African Diaspora Cine-Club
last Fri every month

April 28, 2005
Teachers College, 525 W. 120th St.
Grace Dodge Hall 273B
Fri, April 28, 5:30pm
(for info: 212-864-1760)

Free, and refreshments