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28344: (reply) Chamberlain: 28319: Esser (reply) Re: 28291 (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

Esser's latest post doesn't take us anywhere useful, and indeed is plain

on getting facts straight: Jörgen Leth did say he had sex with the
daughter of his Haitian housekeeper anytime by right of being her master
[Leth's words).

Simple research (or even reading the book or just keeping up to date with
media retractions) would have shown that he only wrote "master bedroom," a
banal enough term in English.

plans for filming a movie called "Det Erotiske Menneske" (The Erotic
Human) which in one scene depicted sexual intercourse between Leth and a
Haitian girl who was less than 18 years old.

Only her face is shown, not her body, not anyone else.  Hardly different
from most mainstream movies these days.

The Danish news agency Ritzau said in an English-language item on October
5 last year:
"Leth's book contains photographs of him having sex with his current
Haitian teenage lover

There are _no_ photographs in the book of him or anyone else having sex,
and Ritzau has been forced to retract this report.

I wonder (why) his son is not on record denouncing his fathers acts

This doesn't deserve comment.

and proceeded to make such a dubious film as Ghosts of Site Soley?

Here is the _real_ concern of the white foreign left -- to discredit at all
costs a film that exposes Aristide's dirty deeds, using any desperate
weapon at hand, including linking father and son for no good reason.

without minimal regard for Haiti and it's people.

The "laboratory" white US left would do well to show such "minimal regard"
and cease instructing Haitians, but they never will, because they always
know better than Haitians.

As to whitewashing president Jean-Bertrand Aristide's term in office;
first why would I have to do that since, as today we have only make believe
stories of his misdeeds

Yes, all that "make-believe" violence, intimidation, corruption,
gangsterism and killings by Aristide supporters who were usually quite open
about it was a er, er... invention of the "corporate media."  As I said,
ask any member of the Haitian left who lives in Haiti (instead of
comfortably in the US) and who virtually 100% broke with Aristide in

first you would have to point us to the human rights reports etc. that
could implicate the Aristide administration.

No problem.

the bad and fogettable film made by Leth's son

Here we go again -- good old "guilt by association."

The "Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network" shows the same disregard for
accuracy as Esser.  It (Ms Laurent) says:

The Ghost of Cite Soley. It is produced by Wyclef and directed by the son
of the sexual predator that was thrown out of Haiti and tells the story of
a white (French) woman who goes to Site Soley and sleeps with two "ganster"
brothers, who have a reputation. (See, Sex and drugs could cost Haitian
consul his post <http://www.cphpost.dk/get/91222.html> )

Again, what on earth has the ex-consul to do with arguments against the
film?  (BTW, nobody was "thrown out of Haiti")

In Ghost of Cite Soley, a "civilized" white women, French no less, has
sex with two Site "gangster" Soley brothers-Ghosts of Site
Soley-soon-to-be-released in THEATERS !!!
Salacious, criminal, factual, stereotypical of what goes on in the Black
ghettos of this world????- "Raw as life in HAITI?" According to whose

The film does _not_ feature sex with these two people, or with any others.
The French woman doesn't even talk about sex when she appears.

"Empowering the gangs set off a spree of killing and violence that not
only spun out of Aristide's hands and helped lead to his ouster two years
ago, but continues to overwhelm U.N. peacekeepers in Haiti and will likely
be a make-or-break issue for incoming President René Préval."

Thanks for telling us, HLLN!

        Greg Chamberlain