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28368: Lucien (Comment) Tourism in Haiti www.haititourisme.com down (fwd)

Jean-Patrick Lucien patlucien@yahoo.com

It is a bit sad to see that the official web site of the department of tourism
in Haiti www.haititourisme.com has been down for a while and no one is even
noticing it.

This was a very beautiful site put together by InterMedia (maintained free of
charge by them as a public service). I sincerely hope they bring it back.

These are the little things we need to do here and there to keep a positive
image of our country.  Can someone pass this message along to whomever can
bring it back.

You can still take  a glance at some pages at:

Patrick Lucien
www.ile-a-vache.com  (l'ile au tresor)