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28372: Labrom (reply) re 28368 Tourism website reply Labrom (fwd)

From Jacqui Labrom

I will talk to the DG of tourism about it. I had translated it into English when I worked for Maryse Penette Kedar, but they never put it up on the website! and then I had a project for Danielle St. Lot when she was Min. of Commerce, Industry and Tourism to see how the website could be upgraded, but I think it's just funds that are lacking - like so many other areas.

What I'm particularly annoyed about is that the money which RCCL pay for each passenger on their Cruise ship which comes into Labadie, and we're talking about I think, 5000 people a week!! is that, that money used to go to the Tourism Dept for their Budget, but then when MPK resigned as Sec. of State for Tourism, JBA took it to help with his election fund (1999-2000) and it has never gone back to Tourism. It now goes into Min. of Finance coffers. This is terrible. Tourism needs all the help it can get and that budget was very important.

Jacqui Labrom