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28403: Re: 28402: Simidor (comment) Select Restaurant (fwd)

From: daniel simidor <danielsimidor@yahoo.com>

I'm eager to have lunch this summer in Haiti with
Lance, Bob and other Corbetters, but no where near the
exclusive Papaye which I can?t afford, and with no
pintade on the menu, please!  As a certified kamoken
in 1983-84, had anybody ordered pintade in my presence
in any restaurant in Haiti, I?d have left en catimini,
on tippy toes if you want to know, in order to avoid
any complication with the boys in blue (the
Tontons-Macoute) who would want to know what else I
would like to eat with my pintade.  The pintad, need I
remind you, was Papa Doc?s mascot!

Bob, it is quite clear, liked to live dangerously in
those days.  Not that that has changed much, given his
recent itinerary....

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