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28409: Lally: announce: Haitian/Brazilian exhibition in Port-au-Prince (fwd)

From Reynald Lally

  The exhibition ,"Encounters and Re-encounters in Naive Art:Brazil-Haiti",
open to the public at Musee St.Pierre, in Port -au-Prince , Friday 12May.
  This exhibition has already toured , Brasilia , Sao Paulo, the UN in New
and the OAS in Washington.

  The exhibition shows that self taught art from both Brazil and Haiti has a
strong resemblance to each other.
  For the exhibition in Port-au-Prince, more Brazilian Paintings were selected.

  Curators: Reynald Lally and Jacqueline Finkelstein

  There is an excellent catalogue to accompany the exhibition with articles
written by Michel-Philippe Lerebours and Allison Thompson, with texts in

Reynald Lally

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