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28432: Forward and InquiryFromLeGrace RE:Nigerian Film Fest

From: Legrace Benson <lgbenson@cbs.ucsb.edu>

Although not "Haitian", there are film actors and directors from Haiti who ,
I am told are doing films in Nigeria or with Nigerian companies.  Is this




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Dear Legrace Benson,

I hope all is well with you. I'm writing to say hello and inform you about
the upcoming Nollywood Foundation Convention 2006 (see our website at
www.nollywoodfoundation.org). The convention focuses on the Nigerian film
industry and its impact of local and international perception of
contemporary African visual culture. As the Vice-President of the Nollywood
Foundation and Director of its convention program, I will appreciate it if
you forward information about the website to all your contacts for further
dissemination. Thanks and best wishes.


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For Nollywood Foundation info, see: www.nollywoodfoundation.org

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