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28445: Molly Thomas-Jensen; Request (fwd)

From: mthomasjensen@law.harvard.edu

[Please rely directly to Molly THomas-Jensen at her address]

Molly Thomas-Jensen

I work at Catholic Charities Immigrant & Refugee Services, and we are
representing a young man from Haiti with severe physical & developmental
disabilities who seeks asylum on the grounds that he would be persecuted for
his disabilities if he were to return to Haiti.  We are having some trouble in
locating thorough information on country conditions for the disabled in Haiti.
If anyone is aware of information related to the topic of disability in Haiti
or of groups that work on this issue, please contact me at

Many thanks,

Molly Thomas-Jensen
Legal Intern
Catholic Charities Immigrant and Refugee Services

J.D. Candidate, 2008
Harvard Law School