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28449: Benson (reply) Re: 28442: Fuller (frivolous reply) Re: 28441: Lally: Question: Tap -Taps

 From Benson,

NonFrivolous reply to Lally query on Tap-Taps.

Recheck local book shelf turned up the small paperback, LES TAP-TAP
HAITIENS 1000 Messages et Slogans, compiled by Lyonel Paquin. Privately
printed, November 1987.  16 pages, five black and white or blue and
white photos and 14 pages, two columns of, to quote Rob Fuller, "Bon
Dye Bon," Merci, Jesus," and "C'est la vie," but also such interesting
phrases as "L'Irland du Nord," and "Symbiose." Paquin gives New York
and Port-au-Prince P.O. box addresses, which are probably not current.
Perhaps the suthor is reading this list.