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28477: Kathleen (reply) Re: 28474: Beauboeuf: (reply) Tragic Process and Business Climate (fwd)

From: Kathleen <kathleenmb@adelphia.net>

Dear Claude:

Thank you for writing.

I am in complete agreement with you.  I lived in Haiti 2000-2002, when the
theft of my CD at BHD (along with all of the bank's resources - what a
coincidence, Aristide's opponents were share holders)necessitated my return
to States, though I have gone back for months at a time in 04 and 05.
I am SO FED UP with the begging, stealing, govt. fraud I may never return.
Both Teleco and EDH claimed bills I didn't owe (I suggested to the latter
that we go to the juge de paix and he could decide if there were months of
blackout in Papay or not) It's never their fault.  I have always brought
food and electronics for the people in my neighborhood, which has, last
year, not stopped them from stealing, throwing stones when I say, no more,
calling me lougawou.  Then, last Aug, my friends both Haitian and American
warned me that the kidnappings were accompanied by rapes with surgically
"enhanced" penises.  (One said he saw photos of same on internet).
I went to Caracas and Baralovento in February; no matter how poor, NOBODY
begged.  Pride of the first black nation indeed.